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David Johnson - game changer 

Wow best marketing book I've read in a while! Some real honest strategies that if implemented will explode your brand and sales in a big way!

Janet Shaughnessy - easy to read and understand

I learned so much from this book. There is a wealth of information here, but is easy to read and understand. I highly recommend it to anyone who is aware of the gains to be made when leveraging digital marketing, but need help to get started.

Dr. Jeannot Muller - The author is successfully drinking his own champagne - a quick and enjoyable read about the do's and don'ts of self-marketing

Again, a quick read but full of justified information and I strongly believe an excellent advisor and kind of a roadmap for every small or mid-size business, interested in the global new possibilities but struggling with where to start and how to approach the topic.

In closure, please keep again in mind what the author wants to achieve for himself, and that's most likely exactly what you want to achieve. So don't expect a scientific technical book, but a smart advisor in how to do self-marketing right.
Get three chapters of my book today.
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